Orthodontic treatment has been revolutionised by the use of temporary anchorage devices that enable movements of teeth that were not possible previously.  This has meant that some patients who would have previously required jaw surgery may now be treated more conservatively without jaw surgery.

In other cases, these devices enable us to close spaces where teeth are missing, thus eliminating the need for dental implants or to correct bite problems or asymmetries with the teeth that were difficult to correct with traditional types of non-surgical treatment.

There is a variety of TADS available today and, when required, they are typically used in teenage and adult patients.  They are usually placed during the orthodontic treatment and removed at the conclusion of treatment.  We use only the most reliable TADS available today for the best possible outcomes.

Please refer to the videos below for some examples of how these devices can benefit our patients.


Molar Protraction Plate


Open Bite Correction