Have you ever wished that you had straight teeth and a great looking smile?  Many adults feel this way but think that orthodontic treatment may just be for kids. Well there is good news.  Treating adult patients is a large part of our practice.

Approximately 25-30% of our patients with braces are adults and the proportion of adults undertaking orthodontic treatment is growing.  Our adult patients range in age from 18-60+ years of age. Several are parents of patients who have made casual enquiries about orthodontic treatment for themselves. It is never too late to have orthodontic treatment.

Adults are often concerned about the appearance of braces or the impact that orthodontic treatment may have on them socially or professionally.  We have some great solutions in the way of ceramic brackets (clear braces) and Invisalign aligners for our adult patients. Orthodontic appliances are very different to those of a decade or so ago.  Modern appliances are much more discrete and more comfortable than those of previous generations. They do not have a significant impact on an adult’s lifestyle and our patients are still able to socialize, play musical instruments and play sports normally.

There are many reasons why adults may seek orthodontic treatment.  Read on to find out more.