We endeavour to provide a professional, comprehensive service to our patients in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our aims are to address your primary concerns but to also enhance the health of your teeth in the long term by providing you with the most appropriate form of treatment.  We routinely liaise on our patients’ behalf with other dental and medical specialists to ensure a high standard of care.

We will present you with all available treatment options and discuss the benefits and risks associated with each form of treatment with you in detail. We take a personalised, conservative approach when considering which option is best for you, and make our recommendations accordingly.

Where possible, we endeavour to treat patients without extracting teeth by delivering appropriate alternatives, but for some patients, extraction-based therapy may be the best form of treatment.  The rationale behind such decisions will be discussed with you at length and we welcome the opportunity to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Our goal is your satisfaction with your treatment results.  There is no greater reward for us than a happy patient with a beautiful smile at the end of their treatment.