On completion of your braces treatment you will be provided with retainers to maintain the alignment of your teeth. It is normal for teeth to try to move after braces treatment, particularly in the first few months post-treatment due to instability in the bone and ligaments surrounding the teeth.  Furthermore, tooth movement is a naturally occurring phenomenon throughout life and is not related to the presence or absence of wisdom teeth.

We will advise you on how and when to wear your retainers and it is imperative that this advice is followed to maintain that fantastic smile we have worked hard together to achieve.

It is important to understand that lapses in retainer wear can result in movement of teeth that can occur in just a few days and that the retainers will probably not re-straighten the teeth when you resume wearing them.

Removable retainers are made of a heat sensitive plastic material and must be kept clean at all times using a toothbrush and toothpaste.  They must be removed for eating and drinking anything except water. Keep your retainers away from heat at all times including hot water, hot car interiors and don’t drink tea/ coffee or soup with them in place. Remember to bring your retainers to your check up appointments.

Bonded retainers are thin wires that are fixed semi-permanently to the inside of the upper or lower front teeth. They are a great way of maintaining the alignment of your front teeth in the long term.  Not all patients require or are suitable for bonded retainers.  We will discuss the retainer options that best suit you.

Bonded retainers and the teeth attached to them must be cleaned well at all times. It is best to avoid biting into hard foods as this can cause the retainer to detach from the teeth.  They must be checked at least every 6 months by your orthodontist or dentist.  If you suspect that a tooth has debonded from your fixed retainer, please call us immediately to have it fixed.