Traditional orthodontic treatments such as braces and removable appliance (plate) therapy have their limitations.  Some patients have relatively severe jaw structural and bite problems that can compromise not only the appearance of their teeth, but also their facial aesthetics, ability to chew, speak, breathe and sleep normally.   For those patients, orthodontic treatment combined with orthognathic surgery may be the best treatment.

Orthognathic surgery corrects structural abnormalities of the jawbones, thereby improving the function of the teeth, jaws and airways, not to mention the amazing aesthetic improvements to the teeth and facial profile.

Our practice uses the very latest 3D digital technologies combined with extensive experience in the field to accurately plan jaw surgery. We obtain 3D printed models of the jaws and teeth prior to the surgery that demonstrate clearly what movements of the jaws are to be done.

There is a vast array of procedures that are possible to correct jaw problems.  There is a great deal of outdated information on the internet about orthognathic surgery. If you are considering this type of treatment, it is best to consult with a specialist orthodontist for accurate advice on which treatment you may require.

Please refer to our patient gallery to see some examples of Dr Brooks’ patients who have benefitted from such treatment.


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